Friday, July 20, 2012

Charlie Sheen would have stayed on Twitter it the founders had called and thanked him

Charlie Sheen talking about why he quit Twitter
Charlie Sheen talking about why he decided to quit Twitter

That's right folks, Charlie in an interview with Extra confessed that he has quiet Twitter even though his follower count was coming up to 8 million. He further said that he felt it was an invasion of security and privacy. He said that the whole Twitter thing reminded him about his past and the words he made famous like Tiger-blood and Winning. Winning still applies he said as that can be seen with his new TV-Show 'Anger Management'. But Twitter kept digging into his past and he also says that he did not make a dime with his Twitter account. Yes, people were approaching him to promote stuff in exchange for $ but he did not do it he says. Some good-old fashion fun is what he likes. The guys who run Twitter did not call him even once to say 'Thanks You'. Thanks for putting us on the map. If he ever returns he would with the S in Sheen changed to $. Kind of like Kardashianville. Make the bucks and to hell with everybody. Watch the video below and see for yourself. 

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