Saturday, July 7, 2012

How to remove or uninstall apps from your Facebook Page

This post is for Facebook Page admins and owners. Sometimes what happens is that owners of pages add app to this pages and then realize that, that app was a wrong choice and needs to be removed. The first thing that happens is for page admins or page owners to go to their own privacy settings to remove the app from there. That is not the place however because you add the app to your Facebook page. Your Facebook page is different from your personal Facebook account. So if you need to remove an app or applications form your Facebook page this is what you need to do.

How to remove or uninstall pass from your Facebook Page

1. Login to Facebook

2. From the right-hand column choose the page you want to remove the app from

3. Scroll down to your page Timeline

4. Click the down-arrow beside photos, likes etc, favorites bar. 

5. You now get the complete list of apps you're page is using

6. hover over the right-hand side of the app you want to remove.

7. A pencil icon appears with the option to remove app

8. Click on uninstall and you're done. 

Video below on how to remove apps

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