Thursday, July 19, 2012

How to watch the Olympics London 2012 live on your iPad, iPhone or Android Phone

Now for those of you who travel a lot and are not able to watch the games on your television or PC. There is an app for you - BBC Olympics. Courtesy of the BBC comes an App for your iPhone, iPad or Android based phone to watch the Olympics on the go. The app offers up to 24 live video streams, video highlights of the action including interviews with the athletes.  Something special being offered by the app is an individual page for every athlete participating in the Olympics, a single page for every country and  a single page for every sport. This is a feature that would be a must have for die-hard-fans of each sport being played in the Olympics. So if you want to follow Usain Bolt or Michael Phelps and see if they live up to his reputations. This app will be able to follow all the do, including each event and all interviews. You can also customize the app and add your favorites to the top bar. You can also share all those stories, wins and moments with your pals on all your favorite social networks like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. So get the app now and prepare to watch live steams of your favorite events from London 2012. 
BBC Olympics App for iPhone and iPad
BBC Olympics App for Android

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