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How to send SMS Text Messages from Gmail

SMS Text Messaging from Gmail

You can now send a text message or an SMS (Short Messaging Service) to any of your Gmail contacts right form within your Gmail chat box. This means you can log-in to your Google Chat and in the chat box all you need to do is to type the number you want to send an SMS or text to and start communicating via SMS. This was a feature not available for sometime but now Gmail users get to enjoy this service.

How to send a Text or SMS in Gmail
1. Login to your Gmail account
2. If you contact is online click the chat box and once that opens click on more. From the drop-down choose Send Text SMS. You will not need to enter your contacts phone number and save it. Once that is done you're ready to start chatting with your pals using Text or SMS as it is called.

Just enter a number and started Texting
In the text box available in the chat, which says search chat or SMS. You can enter a mobile or cell phone number. Google will automatically figure out the country and the code. Once you enter the number you will be asked to add a name and save it. Once done a dialog box will open and you can begin your chat via Text or SMS.

Google Text Messaging: How does it work
We have listed the ways to get started and once you have sent you first Text Message / SMS. A dialog box will open and you continue typing and replying right from your dialog box within Gmail. These conversations will be stored in your chat history just as regular chat. 

Does Google Charge you for sending SMS Text Messages
No, Google does not charge but if you are using the service on your phone, mobile providers' standard charges will apply. So depending on which part of the world you're in. You will need to check your mobile providers rates for text messaging - this is if you want to use SMS Texting Service on your Mobile Phone. 

SMS Credits: How does it work
When you first send an SMS or Text you will notice you have 50 points. each time you send an SMS or Text one point decreases but each time you receive an SMS or Text back it increases by 5 points. You cannot use more than 50 points. If you finish your 50 credit it will come back to 1 in another 24 hours. There is a neat trick to get more credit points. SMS yourself and keep replying. Each time you reply you get 5 points and up to a maximum of 50 credit points. So keep it healthy whenever your fuel is going low. 
Read More at Google Support, click here to see a list of supported countries. 

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