Thursday, August 9, 2012

YouTube: How to join videos together

How to join YouTube video clips together

New new YouTube video editor has some amazing features and part of it is the enhanced ability to join two YouTube videos together and create a whole new one. If you are new to YouTube video uploads you must keep in mind that this can be done only for videos you own and upload to YouTube. So once you have your video editor page opened on YouTube, you can combine any number of videos together. You can also add a cool transition between videos if you want. This is good if you need a transition from one clip to the other. If both the clips represent part 1 and part 2 you obviously don't need the transition tool.

YouTube: How to join, merge or combine YouTube video clips and movies together.
1. Login to YouTube
2. Go to or click on this link to go there right now
3. You see a list of all your videos on the dashboard
4. Below which you see the gray bar with the square which says - drag videos here to begin editing.
5. Drag the first video into that box and then the next.

6. Now click on the transitions icon to see a list of transitions you can use.
7. If you want to add a transition effect, drag and drop the transition you want to use between the videos. Works like a transition effect on PowerPoint.

If you would like the visuals please check the video below.

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