Tuesday, August 7, 2012

OS X Mountain Lion Twitter Integration

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OS X Mountian Lion comes with Twitter integration. The latest OS from Apple allows you to easily continue the same tasks on different Apple devices. This allows you to switch between your iPad, iPhone or MAC and keep doing all your work. OS X Mountain Lion comes with Twitter integration and this means once you have set the OS up, sign-in to Twitter and get the ability to Tweet right from the App your working on. So the next time you're working on your iOS device all you need to do is to choose Twitter from the share menu and tweet links and photos right from Safari, Preview, finder, photo booth and Quick look without switching to another app and singing in. 

You also get a Tweet Sheet, now this is a handy little card that contains all the content you're tweeting. You can also use this sheet to add a comment and also find out how many characters are remaining. The Tweet sheet also has another advantage, if you have multiple Twitter accounts you can sign-in to all of them and use the Tweet sheet to switch between accounts. You can also receive notifications when someone @ mentions you on Twitter. The Tweet sheet also allows you to add location to your Tweets. Twitter has been deeply integrated into Mountain Lion and the latest OS from Apple gives you a complete Twitter experience without having to sign-out of apps and logging in again from another app. 

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