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Stress at work leads to 23% increase in Heart Attack Risk [Study]

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This is the situation according to a research study that can lead to a 23% increase in heart attacks and coronary ailments. The Coupling of a high demand job and little or no control over decisions relating to the job. This according to The Lancet Journals - the problem is when people have highly demanding jobs which come with little or no authority over the decision making process that leads to severe stress. You get a lot of work to do and it might be fast-paced and long work-hours, it would still lead to less stress if the decision making process involves the employee. 

The study included 200,000 people from seven European countries and the data that was finally pooled was previously published and unpublished findings in a meta-analysis. Out of all this it has been claimed that 3.4 percent of heart attacks can be attributed to job strain. The people who were used for the study had no previous reports of coronary heart disease. So being stressed at work with the inability to change the situation is the one contributing factor that puts people at risk. If this seems to be your situation it is advisable to make some me-time and do some meditation, jogging and yoga. Eating a healthy diet and taking regular exercise and really help in reducing your overall strain. 
Source: The Lancet via The Guardian

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