Monday, September 10, 2012

Tabeo Tablet for kids from Toys R Us

Tabeo tablet for kids from Toys R Us
Tabeo tablet for Kids

In the middle of the tablet wars comes a new one with a major difference. A tablet that is aimed at kids - a nice Toys R Us hopes to carve for itself. The tablet also comes with 50 pre-loaded games, books and educational apps, and is now available for pre-order. The gadget will be go on sale on Sept 21, 2012. Don't get the wrong idea thinking that this is for kids and might come with limited capability. This is not so and although the Tabeo does have a lot of parental controls, it does have all functionality normally associated with a tablet like the iPad or Amazon Kindle fire. 

Tabeo Specs:
It has a 7' screen
Front facing camera
HDMI output for kids to showoff all their photos and videos on their TV
1.0 Ghz for faster gaming
6,000 free apps available at the Tabeo store
WIFI and full internet support including flash
4 GB Storage and a micro SDHC card slot for expansion
Cost: $150

The product will not have store pick-up however and will be shipped to your address. Will be available for shipping across the US. Kids can use the tablet to play games and capture video and have all the fun associated with a tablet for grownups. It does have enough parental controls to ensure safety and security.
Tabeo Tablet for kids from Toys R us - check it out now

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