Monday, September 10, 2012

Use your USB drive to lock and unlock your PC

Predator turns your USB drive into an access control device

Predator App is one useful application especially if you like to do like in the movies. Use Your USB flash drive or thumb drive as it is called in different parts of the world to open your PC or close your Windows session. Apart from earning karma points from your friends it is one way for you to show-off. Whenever the USB drive is inserted into your PC it unlocks your computer and whenever it is removed it locks your computer. Your Keyboard and mouse go dead and the entire system is locked. So you don;t need to keep typing in your password every time you want to unlock your computer. It efficiently converts your USB into an access control device.

Predator USB app - how does it work
You would first need to download the application and then insert a USB drive and run predator. Now you can continue doing your work. When you want to move away from your PC, remove your USB drive and your system locks. The Keyboard and mouse are disabled and the screen darkens. Once your return to your computer replace the USB drive and the keyboard and mouse are immediately released and your screen comes back to life. There is no need to type a password - your USB will now function as a access control device.
Predator turns your USB stick into an access control device.

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