Friday, September 28, 2012

YouTube Leanback to watch videos continuously in TV mode

YouTube Lean back to watch videos continuously on the big screen
YouTube Leanback Interface

YouTube Leanback is that option you are looking for if you want to watch videos continuously and non-stop. So let's say your favorite artist is Aerosmith -- you go to YouTube Leanback and search for Aerosmith, click play and then lean-back and enjoy. Works best on a large-screen and Google TV. So you can play these videos on any large screen and the best part is that all videos play in full-screen mode without Ads. At least when we tested it, no ads showed up, a plus-point for those of you who want to turn YouTube on and let it run like a normal TV or radio program.

So Leanback is YouTube running like a normal TV program on a big screen. Once you start playing the list of songs and videos. You can always hover over the screen and click fast-forward or next and pause. Just the controls you need to make sure your YouTube TV viewing experience is really Good. This will play YouTube videos endlessly, as you sit back and enjoy. This is not just for the big screen but also on your Laptop, tablet, SmartPhone, PC or just about any device. All you need is a fast internet connection and you're ready to go.
YouTube Leanback

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