Friday, September 28, 2012

How to search Google for movie trailers and showtimes

Google Search has always been innovative and keeps adding those extra tips and tricks that make them cool. You can now use Google to find the latest movies playing in your area along with their official trailers. These are the official trailers uploaded to YouTube. When the video opens it does not open in YouTube but a Google UI -- so when you finish watching one trailer, click the x mark on the right-hand side of the screen to watch the next one. So the next time you are wanting to go watch a movie. You might want to do a quick check on Google, watch the trailers and then decide which movie you would like to go and see.

Google Movie Trailer Search -- How does it work.
You can start you movie trailer search by searching for let's say, Showtimes NYC. You will get a list of movies along with the trailers. You can watch the trailers and then decide which movie you want to see today. Clicking on the movie name link will take you to a brief about the movie, photos, IMDB and a list of all the cinemas the movie is playing in, with the showtimes. Cool feature and a must check out --  available in all parts of the world. provided regional movies have uploaded their trailers to YouTube. 
Source: Google announcement on Google+

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