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Why Background TV is not good for your kid

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So let's start this post with this to say. If no one is watching TV, it's best to turn it off - this according to researchers in the latest issue of pediatrics. So what is Background TV - typically parents who leave the TV on while no one is watching. The study that took place in American households studied the effect of TV noise and visuals that kept going on in the background while parents and kids went about their day. The constant noise in the background is shown to alter kids attention between noise and the play tasks at the same time. This constant shift has adverse effects. 

Why is exposure to background TV bad for kids.
Background TV as apposed to actual TV viewing has brought out some startling results. Background TV according to a previous study has been shown as a deterrent to development to social skills in kids. Specifically acts as an impediment to social skills, impulse control,  the ability to concentrate and complete tasks, lower interactions between parents and kids. Lower a kids' performance on tasks that require thinking and drain kids' attention.

The study further explains that the average US child was exposed to 232.2 minutes of background television on a typical day. As kids get older they are exposed to less background TV. The research suggests as is implied that turning the TV off when no one is viewing will definitely help your child learn better and grow with the right social skills and less impediment to growth and learning. 
Source: Pediatrics Publications

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