Sunday, February 24, 2013

How to learn Photoshop online free

So if you are into creative graphics and would like to learn how to edit and create amazing images using Photoshop. You're in luck - CreativeLive has something called PhotoshopWeek. What happens here is that for a whole week you get 6 days of intense training on Adobe Photoshop. All of these online classes and tutorials will be broadcasted live starting Feb 25, 2012 - Mar 2nd. All these free tutorials are being made available through 12 world-class instructors. Classes are for all levels of learners from novices to graphic gurus. The good thing about these classes are that they will be available to anyone anywhere in the world. So once you join you get 40 hours on nonstop classes. The tutorial will cover Photoshop elements, CS5, CS6 and all other elements of Photoshop. All these Photo Shop Tutorials will help you learn Photoshop in a week.

Free online photoshop tutorials and classesPhotoshop has a lot of tools that are extremely creative and very useful - especially if you have just started out with Photoshop. There is the Lasso, Magic Wand, 3D, Puppet Wrap and Healing tools to name a few. All of which help to bring images and photos to life. The stuff you can do with Photoshop is limitless and this is a good opportunity to learn more and get your Photoshopping skills off the ground. So visit CreativeLive today and sign-up. Please leave a comment below with your feedback and what you think.

Visit CreativeLive online to get your free Photoshop Tutorials

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