Friday, March 1, 2013

How to find out who owns an email address

This question might arise if you find out that someone has been sending you annoying emails. Maybe you have been receiving harassing emails from a person in your Inbox. This is usually from an email ID or Email address you don't know. Many-times people hide behind an anonymous email ID and send out harassing or annoying emails to other people. There is not much you can do other than report that Email ID as spam or complain to Gmail that you have been receiving hate or threatening emails from a particular email address.

If you want to find out who is behind an email address or who owns an email address there is one way to find out. It is not foolproof but offers some kind of hope. It is called 'Reverse lookup an email address and this is how it works. What you need to do with this tool is to simply input that email address and click on search email. You will be shown information that person might have used when creating that email ID. Like city, state and their Facebook or Myspace profiles they might have associated with that email address.

How to find out who owns an email accountReverse address search: how does it work
1. Enter the email ID or account you want to search
2. When you click search you will be shown
3. Beside Facebook profile click on possible matches. You need to have a Facebook profile for this to work.
4. If this person has a Facebook profile created using this email ID - you will be able to view it.

Use Reverse Address Search Lookup now.

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