Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Google Glass Video 'Ok Glass'

Google Glass has been in the news after disappearing for sometime. Google Glass are augmented realty glass eye-wear from Google. It is to be worn like regular glasses with a huge difference however. These glasses can shoot video, take a pic, share to your social networks and even make calls. These are just a few of the possibilities of Google Glass. The latest video from Google shows at least two commands that that the Glass follows. 'Ok Glass' will tell Google Glass to get ready to take a pic or shoot a video. Saying Google will bring up search results on whatever you might be looking at, at the moment. Saying Ok Glass tells the device that the users wants to do something - maybe check the weather, get driving directions or launch a video chat hangout.

Google Glass in ActionCheck out the video below to see Google Glass 'Ok Glass' video below

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