Wednesday, February 6, 2013

How to record a concert on your Phone with good sound quality

We have all seen those videos of concerts that have horrible sound quality. Knowing that videos recorded at concerts using your iPhone, Android phone or Windows Phone comes with bad sound quality, we still like to watch them. Since some of us might have missed the concert. This is a common recurrence and a problem. Concerts are usually loud and with good reason too. Organizers need to be sure that everyone attending can hear the sound properly and with the way sound travels. It is imperative to make sure that sound is loud to enable it to reach everyone.

How to record a concert on your phone with good sound qualityThis creates a problem for people standing, raising their hands and clutching their small phones, which usually come with small microphones. Reddit user SK1990 has come up with a simple and smart solution -- while recording your video, cover the microphone with your hand. This way not all the blaring sound gets in but part of the audio. The end result is that when you playback your video later it has clearer sound with better recorded music. The reason could be because of the small microphones -- which get overloaded with sound. These microphones are not able to handle the loud blaring sound and if only part of it gets through -- you get a video with reasonably good quality sound. This solution will help you better record music at a live concert. So when you do get a chance to test this out. Please leave a comment with what you think and did it actually work.
Read the full discussion on Reddit here.

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