Wednesday, February 6, 2013

How to manage long headphone cables with a simple braid

These days head phones are better than ever with amazing clear sound and quality. One thing however that users need to get used to are the long cables. When you want to sit away from your TV, PC or Device it's fine -- what happens however if you are close to your device and want to continue working with your headphones on. The cables might be a bit too long and keep coming in your way. This can be quiet distracting. There is however a easy way to deal with the problem. Try braiding your cable using something known as '3 String Braid'. This is something you might have tried if you have long hair. Works just as well for long cables on all you tech accessories like your microphone cable, long USB cable and other tech extensions.

manage long headphone cables with a simple braidHow to manage long headphone cables by braiding -- came across this video on YouTube uploaded by user -BJ Tormon. This is what is instructed.
1. Arrange you long cable in thre shorter lines
2. follow the 3-string braid
3. Reduces your long cable into a short and useful one.

Please check the video below as the demo is pretty neat and explains the technique very well.

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