Monday, June 17, 2013

Funny bike stunt videos from Kerala,India

funny Videos. It's only with a sense of humor that you'll know life is worth laughing at. Watch these expert riders stride their bikes and show you some of the best stunts found anywhere on the planet. If at the end of the stunt the only thing that is accomplished is a smile begins to don on your face. The mission for this post has been accomplished. Oh and by the way try not to fall of your chair laughing. As these stunts can prove to be absolutely hilarious. All videos are from the southern state of Kerala in India.

funny bike stunts from kerala1. Watch out for the tuk-tuk behind you

2. Wheelies are to be done on the roads and not on plants

3. Not another wheelie

4. Yet another wheelie

5. And yes, another one.

6. Another try

7. Oh no, not in the river

8. Now this one

9. Doughnuts anyone?

10. Double Doughnuts?

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