Monday, June 17, 2013

How to share games on PS4 [Video]

XBox one has huge restrictions when it comes o sharing games with your friends and family. PlayStation 4 have come out with a video to make fun of this whole fiasco from Microsoft. The video, which is termed as a simple instructional video. Guides users on how to share games between each other. We are not going to spoil the fun for you by telling you how it's done. Watch and see for yourself. even though Microsoft have come out with certain conditions which seek to appease the uproar of XBox gamers. It does not really solve any of the issues.

Sharing PS4 GamesMicrosoft have said that the games can be shared with up to 10 family members from anywhere. Also anyone can play the games at the console at the players house. This is something that goes without saying - Microsoft products seem to always come with huge restrictions.

Check out the video below and do leave a comment with what you think.

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