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Monday, June 17, 2013

How to share games on PS4 [Video]

XBox one has huge restrictions when it comes o sharing games with your friends and family. PlayStation 4 have come out with a video to make fun of this whole fiasco from Microsoft. The video, which is termed as a simple instructional video. Guides users on how to share games between each other. We are not going to spoil the fun for you by telling you how it's done. Watch and see for yourself. even though Microsoft have come out with certain conditions which seek to appease the uproar of XBox gamers. It does not really solve any of the issues.

Sharing PS4 GamesMicrosoft have said that the games can be shared with up to 10 family members from anywhere. Also anyone can play the games at the console at the players house. This is something that goes without saying - Microsoft products seem to always come with huge restrictions.

Check out the video below and do leave a comment with what you think.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

GetAnXbox now trending on Twitter

GetAnXbox is a promoted trend on Twitter and it is being promoted by Microsoft to students. The deal is very simple all you need to do is to buy a new Windows 7 PC and you get an Xbox for free. There are however a few conditions. For starters you need to be a student and the PC should be at least $699 or more. If however you do not want an Xbox you can avail a 10% discount. The deal is not available internationally and in the US only. For more details you can visit their Facebook page covering student deals. To join the conversation you would need to hashtag in front of #GetAnXbox. They have a couple of cool gamer type videos to promote the deal.

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

What happens when you block someone on Xbox Live

Blocking someone on Xbox live usually happens when some users start harassing others. There is no surefire way of blocking someone but there are steps that can be taken. It is a free world and submitting a reason for blocking will be reviewed by the Microsoft team before a block is applied. 

What happens when you block someone on Xbox live

When you block someone and it becomes a successful block. If you submit a negative review of the person, the chances of you ending up in the same games again will be reduced. If you have blocked them they won't be able to send you messages or see your online status. And if you block a user, then you automatically mute them, so they wouldn't be able to hear you in a game.

How to block someone on Xbox Live

You will need to click on the gamers tag and send a review as to why you want to block that person. Several people sending negative reviews will get that person blocked. And you will not appear online when the other person is playing.  If you remember his gamertag, you can try calling Live support at 1-800-4My-Xbox and ask them if they can block him for you

How to send a negative player review on Xbox 

To submit a negative player review:

1. In the player's profile, select Submit Player Review.
2. Select Avoid This Player.
3. Choose why you want to avoid the player: communication, game behavior, or player skill.


Block communications. Open a message from the player and select Block Communications. The player won't be able to send you any messages until you send them one first.

How to unblock someone on Xbox live

Simple send the person you blocked an email through Xbox and they will be unblocked. You can then start playing with your friend. 

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