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Thursday, August 12, 2010

What happens when you block someone on Xbox Live

Blocking someone on Xbox live usually happens when some users start harassing others. There is no surefire way of blocking someone but there are steps that can be taken. It is a free world and submitting a reason for blocking will be reviewed by the Microsoft team before a block is applied. 

What happens when you block someone on Xbox live

When you block someone and it becomes a successful block. If you submit a negative review of the person, the chances of you ending up in the same games again will be reduced. If you have blocked them they won't be able to send you messages or see your online status. And if you block a user, then you automatically mute them, so they wouldn't be able to hear you in a game.

How to block someone on Xbox Live

You will need to click on the gamers tag and send a review as to why you want to block that person. Several people sending negative reviews will get that person blocked. And you will not appear online when the other person is playing.  If you remember his gamertag, you can try calling Live support at 1-800-4My-Xbox and ask them if they can block him for you

How to send a negative player review on Xbox 

To submit a negative player review:

1. In the player's profile, select Submit Player Review.
2. Select Avoid This Player.
3. Choose why you want to avoid the player: communication, game behavior, or player skill.


Block communications. Open a message from the player and select Block Communications. The player won't be able to send you any messages until you send them one first.

How to unblock someone on Xbox live

Simple send the person you blocked an email through Xbox and they will be unblocked. You can then start playing with your friend. 

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Video: Xbox 360 Redesign Photos, Project Natal Renamed ' Kinect'

An advertisement for an unannounced redesigned Xbox 360 has appeared online, according to reports. The ad also acknowledges that the final name of Project Natal will be Kinect.

Several websites and forums are reporting that the advertisement seen above appeared earlier today on the Italian website Console Tribe. We're unable to verify the legitimacy of the advertisement at press time (as it appears to have been removed from the site), but given the frequency of report we're seeing, this seems legitimate.

Allegedly, the redesigned Xbox 360 will feature a 250GB hard drive and built-in WiFi.

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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Microsoft to launch project Natal and new games for Xbox

Microsoft launches project Natal and new games for the Xbox. Project Natal will go on sale in November 2010. The system allows for users to use body movements to play games rather than hand held devices. Natal has body gesturing systems that allow the game to sense voice commands and players body movements, relying on cameras, sensors, microphones and software to understand players, voice, waves, kicks etc.

Alongside this Microsoft has also announced that the Xbox game Halo will be out in the autumn. Saying thay would like to release 1,000 games over the next three years. 

The game room will be new for users and will allow them to purchase classic video games like Atari, Sub Hunt, Star raiders and Activision for the 70's and 80's. 

It will also introduce a new genre of games, "the psychological action thriller," with a game called "Alan Wake" that tells the story of a mystery writer who gets trapped in his own novels. "Think 'Lost,' written by Stephen King and directed by David Lynch," Bach said.

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Xbox 360 to offer minors access to Twitter, Facebook and

The Twitter and Facebook tabs can be found in the My Community channel on the Xbox live's dashboard.

"With the Facebook add-on, Xbox Live gamers can sync their gamertags with their social-networking accounts, as well as share photos and in-game screenshots. Friend updates will also be viewable through the Xbox Live dashboard"

When Microsoft added social networking functionality to all Gold-Level subscribers except those under the age of 18. Today Microsoft announced that those parental controls have gone in all other countries except the US. The US launch is scheduled for Dec 15th

The parental controls will now allow parents to approve children access between the ages 13 - 18

"The update went live today in the EU and everywhere except for the United States where it will go live on the 15th.

Minors must use the auto log in option for each app, or risk being prompted to ask for parental permission each time they want to use the apps." 

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Facebook and Twitter on Xbox 360 and PS3

So finally you'll be able to access facebook and twitter on the Xbox 360 and let your friends keep tabs of your game. Not to be left behind sony added the social networks to their playstation 3. If your not a gamer you are still going to feel the effects of it. As your gamer friends status might be updated with their game progress. Off course this feature can be switched off if you know you take really long to finish a game and don't want your friends to know.

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