Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Windows 7 latest updates might cause your computer not to startup

The latest security update from Microsoft is faulty and can cripple your PC. Microsoft has advised all users who might have had this automatic update to please uninstall it. Windows 7 users know that before shutting down their devices - PCs or Laptops. The automatic updates pushed by Microsoft will install itself on your computer and everything goes well. The latest update KB2823324 - has started to show its ugly face. Your system might go into endless reboots and get crippled, or the blue screen of death might appear. Users don't want to be troubled by these problems, but here it is. If you find that after the latest update from Microsoft has been causing you booting or startup problems then this is what you need to do.

Microsoft Security Patch - 2013 needs to be uninstalledHow to uninstall KB2823324 Windows update from my PC.

1. Click on start

2. Click on control panel

3. Under program click on uninstall a program

4. Click on view installed updates

5. Search for KB2823324

6. Right-click and uninstall

7. You're done.

Microsoft says that the purpose of the update was to prevent a hack unless the person gains physical access to your computer. The update however misfired and the last time this happened was in 2010. So if you see a problem with your computer, don't panic. The above steps will fix the problem. Also please share the same with your friends who might be using Windows 7 PCs

This is what Microsoft says about the update and their guidance here on how to rectify the issue. Image via TechSpot.

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