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Friday, December 18, 2009

Good Ol' Indian Railways one of the most popular Online Desitinations in India

Google released their online 2009 Zeitgeist and coming up as one of the most popular destinations in India is the Indian Railways. Indian Railways happens to be the largest employer in the world and has one of biggest and busiest railway systems in the world. The Indian Railways is a departments owned and controlled by the Government of India. Which has an approximate 1.4 million employees.

With a large number of Indians using the trains on a daily basis it is no wonder that people need to login to the site constantly. The Indian Railways operates 9,000 trains and transports 18 million passengers daily across India.

Among the other popular destinations for the year 2009 was gmail, youtube, yahoomail, orkut and Indian Railways.

Recession queries peaking - then declining - in India

Fastest rising

  1. budget 2009

  2. kambakth ishq

  3. irctc

  4. satyam share price

  5. bhuvan

  6. michael jackson

  7. twitter

  8. election results

  9. windows 7

  10. nokia 5800

Most popular celebrities

  1. katrina kaif

  2. michael jackson

  3. salman khan

  4. aishwarya rai

  5. shahid kapoor

  6. kareena kapoor

  7. shahrukh khan

  8. angelina jolie

  9. megan fox

  10. sachin tendulkar

Most popular movies

  1. love aaj kal

  2. harry potter

  3. slumdog millionaire

  4. kaminey

  5. kambakht ishq

  6. ghajini

  7. hannah montana

  8. dev d

  9. wake up sid

  10. dostana

Most popular

  1. gmail

  2. youtube

  3. yahoomail

  4. orkut

  5. indian railways

  6. yahoo

  7. google

  8. rediffmail

  9. facebook

  10. rediff

Most popular politician

  1. rahul gandhi

  2. indira gandhi

  3. sachin pilot

  4. sarah palin

  5. p chidambaram

  6. mayawati

  7. barack obama

  8. sonia gandhi

  9. rajesh pilot

  10. maneka gandhi

How to

  1. how to kiss

  2. how to hack

  3. how to meditate

  4. how to study

  5. how to swim

  6. how to draw

  7. how to flirt

  8. how to chat

  9. how to concentrate

  10. how to download

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Google to launch "Living Stories"

Google is working on a new services that combines stories published in The New York Times and Washington post to make it easier for readers to follow evolving news stories.

"The "Living Stories" project introduced Tuesday marks Google Inc.'s latest attempt to frame itself as an ally of the ailing newspaper industry"

Google will now build stories based on importance and this may in some way help the ailing newspaper industry.

The concept of grouping articles by topic isn't new. Yahoo came up with its version, called Yahoo News Topics, two years ago. Here's Yahoo's page on "Google," for example. What's different is that Google sees publishers using Living Stories on their own websites, not just on Google. Here's an example from the Times of what a page about the war in Afghanistan looks like.

So with this Living Stories will help categorize a list of ongoing stories on a single page. Which in turn will help users follow updates in real-time all within a single page and this in turn will help publishers receive more traffic. 

Check out the Google "Living Stories" page here

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Facebook and Twitter among Google's top ten most searched

Google has released its annual 2009 Year-End Google Zeitgeist. An annual report which features the most popular search terms. "Michal Jackson" the late king of pop was the top search term. Bing had also shown MJ as it's top search term.. also observed that:

"Interestingly, two non-English social networks, Tuenti from Spain and Sanalika from Turkey filled out the top five at numbers three and five. Also in the top ten were searches for the new Twilight film, New Moon; Windows 7; and Lady Gaga, plus "torpedo gratis," a Portuguese Web-based service to send SMS messages."

MJ was followed by Facebook, tunti and Twitter respectively. Shows that social networking is on the top of people's interest online. New Moon also made it into the top ten. 

Among the top ten falling search terms is Beijing 2009 and Barack Obama.

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