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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Adam Lambert on American Idol as Mentor for the Elvis Theme

Adam Lambert is back on AI as Mentor and a special Elvis Themed Show and Twitter is abuzz with the news. Fans were always wanting Adam Lambert back on American Idol and he is back as Mentor for Tuesday night and will be performing live on Wednesday night. 

i'm in love with lee dewyze. AND OH MY GAWD ADAM LAMBERT! ♥♥

Scorpios4Adam wow, I have no taste cause they all liked Mike, and I thought it was too slow, but Adam Lambert scores again.

Monster4Glam RT @staciegirlieAdam Lambert is a great mentor! Simon was smiling at Big Mike's performance. Why? Because Big Mike LISTENED to Adam, unlike previous wannabe

brittanyhampton So all I've really gotten from this episode of American Idol is that Adam Lambert apparently gives the worst musical advice ever? Haha wtf!?

number8gurl Adam Lambert don't leave!!! Stay there til the end!!

There's no shortage of support for Adam Lambert who seems to be getting all the support on AI. An artist who was known to sing off-key.

Randy Jackson is excited to have Lambert return: "You know, I think he's gonna be really great because he knows, first and foremost, what they're going through [as contestants] and what the feelings are and what's happening and what's gonna happen," he explained. "So he's going to be one of the best mentors, I think, all season." How do you think Lambert will do?

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