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Friday, July 13, 2012

American Idol: JLO out, Mariah Carey in

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Jennifer Lopez has announced Friday that she is quitting as an American idol judge after two seasons - Steven Taylor has also made the same announcement. There is a lot of speculation as to who will their replacements be. Mariah Carey has been confirmed as one of the replacements. This was announced on Ryan Seacrest's radio show. Randy is Mariah's manager and since he is bringing her in - things might work out in terms of time management. JLO had an acting career before this and now that she is out, this is a path she can return to. Ryan of course will have to be around for another two years as stipulated by his contract. Randy Jackson will remain the only steady judge on 'Idol'. 
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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Adam Lambert on American Idol as Mentor for the Elvis Theme

Adam Lambert is back on AI as Mentor and a special Elvis Themed Show and Twitter is abuzz with the news. Fans were always wanting Adam Lambert back on American Idol and he is back as Mentor for Tuesday night and will be performing live on Wednesday night. 

i'm in love with lee dewyze. AND OH MY GAWD ADAM LAMBERT! ♥♥

Scorpios4Adam wow, I have no taste cause they all liked Mike, and I thought it was too slow, but Adam Lambert scores again.

Monster4Glam RT @staciegirlieAdam Lambert is a great mentor! Simon was smiling at Big Mike's performance. Why? Because Big Mike LISTENED to Adam, unlike previous wannabe

brittanyhampton So all I've really gotten from this episode of American Idol is that Adam Lambert apparently gives the worst musical advice ever? Haha wtf!?

number8gurl Adam Lambert don't leave!!! Stay there til the end!!

There's no shortage of support for Adam Lambert who seems to be getting all the support on AI. An artist who was known to sing off-key.

Randy Jackson is excited to have Lambert return: "You know, I think he's gonna be really great because he knows, first and foremost, what they're going through [as contestants] and what the feelings are and what's happening and what's gonna happen," he explained. "So he's going to be one of the best mentors, I think, all season." How do you think Lambert will do?

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Thursday, March 4, 2010

'American Idol' ditches individual Twitter and Facebook Pages

AI9 has ditched individual pages of all contestants on social networking sites. All individual pages from myspace, Twitter and Facebook have been consolidated into one big page on each of these respective sites. 

Twitter followers of the remaining contestants were treated to the following message Wednesday night, alerting them to the switcheroo: "Thanks so much for following me! All my updates from now on will be on our Official Ai9 Twitter Page, please follow me there @AI9Contestants." Their Facebook fans received a similar message, directing them to the Official American Idol 9 Contestant Page: AI9 Contestants.

The media response to the change has been one of vague suspicion. The going theory is that "Idol" producers were likely concerned that the discrepancies between the number of contestants' followers may have eroded the suspense about who America prefers -- and may even have affected the way the audience voted.

The switch seems cool as you get all the Tweets and updates in one single page and you don't have to go from one individual page to another. 

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Simon Cowell leaving American Idol, Twitterverse reacts.

Simon Cowell is leaving American idol and people are reacting in different ways. On Twitter people have reacted in various ways. Some are happy to see him go and feel the show may be doomed without him. Some said they never liked the show anyway. Some of them lashed out at CNN for labeling the story breaking news. While a whole lot of others are talking about his new show X-Factor and it's great possibilities. Many others though were sad and disappointed by the news. Twitter is buzzing with American Idol news and it has now become a trending topic.

He is now going to be a Judge and Produce the UK TV Show X Factor

One fan wrote
God, please dont tell me that Simon Cowell is leavingAmerican Idol?! if he does then why watch it? american idol is nothing without him!

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