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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Simon Cowell leaving American Idol, Twitterverse reacts.

Simon Cowell is leaving American idol and people are reacting in different ways. On Twitter people have reacted in various ways. Some are happy to see him go and feel the show may be doomed without him. Some said they never liked the show anyway. Some of them lashed out at CNN for labeling the story breaking news. While a whole lot of others are talking about his new show X-Factor and it's great possibilities. Many others though were sad and disappointed by the news. Twitter is buzzing with American Idol news and it has now become a trending topic.

He is now going to be a Judge and Produce the UK TV Show X Factor

One fan wrote
God, please dont tell me that Simon Cowell is leavingAmerican Idol?! if he does then why watch it? american idol is nothing without him!

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