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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Amazon Local to bring you daily deals

Amazon has entered the daily-deals market place with the Launch of Amazon Local. So what is Amazon Local and how does it work. Amazon Local is the deal-of-the-day type of website that has launched in a few cities in the US. The website seeks to bring to people living nearby deals from businesses which helps you save 50% or less.Amazon Local has also launched in Chicago which is significant because that is Groupon's home turf. Amazon Local is now available in California, Florida, Idaho, Illinois and Washington. There is plenty of rooms for multiple players in the daily-deal market and Amazon has slowly started spreading it's wings. 

Amazon has said that the deals have initially started coming from LivingSocial another daily deals site in which Amazon has invested but that now they have started bring daily-deals from their own sales team. Amazon has setup it's own team to bring daily deals to cities that they are operating in. With Amazon being such a huge brand adn given their credibility in the market, which is something they are banking on. Amazon is convinced people will trust them and come to them to get their daily best deals. 

To get started with Amazon Local please click here

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