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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bitcasa promises infinite storage on your Desktop for $10/month

Bitcasa  is promising unlimited storage on your Desktop. The service is still new and if you do not have an invite, you will need to add your mail ID and wait for an invite. It is all the talk of the town because Bitcasa is promising infinite storage capacity on your desktop. What this means is that once you install the desktop-app, you can create a folder and add all your files to this folder. This is the Bitcasa folder and you can store  movies, music, photo albums in this folder it all gets uploaded to the cloud  and no memory is used on your Hard-drive. The added advantage of sharing your files easily with your friends and family. Once you share the link they can watch that movie, listen to music or view your photo albums without having to download the files. 

Bitcasa: How does it work
1. Once you sign-up for the service you can then download the app and use it as another folder available on your computer
2. You can add all your files to this folder - music, movies, pics, software and just about anything
3. Once uploaded to the cloud it is all stored in the cloud and does not take-up any of your disk-space locally.
4. You can also cloudify your USB, Pen Drive and external hard-drives and store them in the cloud. This way all your info is available to you to use even if your external hard-drives are not with you.
5. All the files you upload are stored in the cloud
6. The app will use a local cache and you can adjust the size of this cache. This is needed so even if you connection drops your file remains.
7. There is also a web interface for you to access all your files online from anywhere
All data is encrypted and transferred securely
8. Available for Windows and Mac
9. Price: $10/month for unlimited storage with is pretty decent.

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Friday, August 12, 2011

Kindle Cloud Reader: Web App lets you read your Kindle books, instantly.

There is a reason why Amazon is calling the Kindle Cloud reader a Web App. Apple has a problem with Kindle's iPhone App and pulled the 'buy' button on the iPad App. Basically what the button did was allow users to make purchases outside of Apple's control. which meant a loss of 30% in revenue for Apple. Apple's is know for it's tight control of all Apps that enter it's App store. which has forced companies to create web based Apps that can be used on the iPhone and iPad. One of the first web-based Apps was the one from Playboy. With Apple's tight control on not allowing adult content on to it's platforms. Companies have had to innovate.

Amazon has done just that and have created and released their own web App that can be used on the iPad. it is free to use and allows users to read all their books and purchase new ones all on Amazon.

If you ask Amazon what is the Kindle Cloud Reader a brief description on the site says 'Kindle Cloud Reader is a web app that lets you read your Kindle books, instantly.' That's as simple as it gets. the kindle Cloud Reader is available on Safari for MAC and PC, Chrome and iPad (iOS 4+). With support for additional browsers coming son. Try it out now

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