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Saturday, March 31, 2012

CrowdCall for free group or conference calling on your iPhone or Android phone

Group calling is not an everyday thing and most of us rarely need to use. it. There is that time however when you are planning your next family vacation and you need to make group calls with all the people travelling. There is also the office situation where you and a group of your colleges need to get on a conference call. This handy little app is fast and super simple to use. It will get the job done in no time at all with the minimum of hassle. 

When you need to conduct a conference call you know how difficult it is. You set up the call and then you get a call-in number and all participating members have to dial in or use a pin-code and wait for the others to log in to the call. CrowdCall removes all those hassles with a simple and easy to use interface for quick and easy conference calling. 

CrowdCall: How does it work

To start using the App only one person needs to download it onto their phone. Unlike other apps where everyone needs to download to be able to use it. CrowdCall requires only one person to download it and others can simply join in. Once you download the app all you need to do is to tap the plus symbol to starting adding contacts from your list to the call. Once you have added people who need to be on the group call, hit the call button to start the call. Everyone on the list can either choose to join the call or hangup if they rather not. Once a call is accepted they are greeted with an automated response from CrowdCall letting them know they have been invited to a conference call. It is free and you can invite up to 20 participants to join anywhere in the world

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