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Friday, June 4, 2010

FarmVille Biplane Guide

The FarmVille Biplane has arrived and is available to buy for 30,000 coins you should have reached a minimum of level 15. The Biplane grows your crops instantly by delivering an Eco-friendly mix from the air. Once you purchase your Biplane it can be stored anywhere on your farm you can fit it into.

Once placed on your farm you need to click on it to activate it's instant growing capabilities. You will also be prompted to share this purchase on your Facebook wall. 

One free flight comes with activation after which you need to have at least one farm cash to fly the plane. The cash will not be used but you need to have it handy. If you do not have 1 farm cash available the plane will not be ready to fly for another 17 hours. It is still not clear if the need for 1 farm cash is an absolute must or just a big that needs to be fixed. If it is permanent you will require 1 farm cash to fly it every time.

Once in the air your Biplane will fly over your crops several times while your crops get fully matured and ready for harvest.

To purchase the Biplane click on market and find it under the vehicles tab.

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