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Monday, September 21, 2020

A Checklist for Childbirth in the Age of Coronavirus

As if childbirth itself isn’t stressful enough, having a baby during the current pandemic adds more weight to a new mom’s shoulders. Both prenatal and postpartum, a new mom should be filled with excitement for their little one, not worrying about a worldwide health scare. Luckily, good preparation can alleviate many of the worst fears and make the situation less daunting for everyone. This checklist will help navigate the uncertainty and most importantly, help you prioritize what’s most important: the health of a new mom and her precious bundle of joy.  

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Stay Home

Most of us are socially distancing in stores, restaurants, etc., but it’s especially important for new moms to stay out of the public as much as possible and avoid crowds. The less exposure to others, the lower the chance is of getting the virus. This could mean swapping some in-person OB/GYN appointments to virtual ones, ordering groceries online, and scheduling some postpartum virtual check-ups for your baby. There will be plenty of time to rush around in the coming years; for now, you should focus on relaxing in comfy loungewear styles with a good book or Netflix series at home.

Prep the Baby’s Things

Prepping the baby’s room, clothing, and diapers is a fun activity that most new moms enjoy. While Covid-19 has put a damper on things like in-person baby showers and shopping trips, it’s still possible to order everything online and have it delivered. You’ll want to have extra of everything from bottles to baby wipes so that you don’t have to dash out quickly to the store because you need something. Having everything ready means you can stay inside with your baby while you heal.

Build a Virtual Support System

You might have pictured your whole family waiting in the lobby while you gave birth. Well, needless to say, Covid-19 has put a damper on hospital visitors. If you can only have your partner there with you in person, perhaps you can have your parents or siblings video call you to be there with you virtually.

Organize to have weekly calls once the baby is born, both with family and friends. When you are at home dealing with all the hormones and stress of the new baby, it can be very isolating. To combat post-partum depression and feelings of loneliness, consider joining a virtual new mom’s group online to share everything that is going on with you and your new baby.

Take Care of Your Mental Health

On that note, aim to prioritize your mental and physical health by staying active. Small daily exercises like going for a walk or doing a virtual yoga class can make a world of a difference for the health and happiness of a new mother. Meditation apps like Headspace are a great way to press the reset button on a stressful day. You can also start a journal, both to record the experiences of being a new mom and also to have a creative outlet during this challenging year.

Keep your chin up and know that while this may not look like the pregnancy you envisioned, you and your baby will be stronger because of it! Just remember how amazing you are for literally growing a tiny person inside of you -- and how happy you will be to hold them for the first time. 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

How to follow the New York Fashion Week on Twitter

Twitter is all set to be dressed up from the 8 Sept- 2011. As the New York Fashion Week will showcase all its wear on Twitter. This comes directly from fashion insiders and in real-time. Top designers, models and stylist will be tweeting photos, videos and commentaries live on Twitter. It is going to be  fashion extravagant show on the popular social media site,  starting with New York (Sept. 8-15) and followed by London (Sept. 16-21). 

How to follow all the events of the New York Fashion Week NYFW on Twitter

@NYFWFollow @NYFW to see shows through the eyes of a special guest Tweeter every day of New York Fashion Week:

9/6 Damien Neva from @FordModels

9/7 Designer @PrabalGurung

9/8 @JohnJannuzzi, an editor @LuckyMagazine, covers Fashion's Night Out (#FNO)

9/9 Designer @cmbenz

9/10 CFDA CEO @stevenkolb

9/11 Paper Magazine’s @AskMrMickey

9/12 Gilt Groupe co-founder @GiltAlexandra

9/13 @cocorocha shares the model's perspective

9/14 Linda Fargo and her @Bergdorfs team

9/15 Marie Claire fashion director and Project Runway judge @ninagarcia

See the looks before they hit the runway
 @MarcJacobsIntl and @PrabalGurung
@Zac_Posen and @ProenzaSchouler

Get the inside scoop
@DailyCandy’s @dkny, @Zac_Posen, @narcisostudio, @normakamali, @ErinFetherston, @ThakoonNY, @TommyHilfiger, @RebeccaMinkoff, @MillyByMichelle, @ProenzaSchouler, @rag_bone @OscarPRGirl

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