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Sunday, December 11, 2011

How to: Galaxy Nexus Face Unlock [Ice Cream Sandwich]

When Google released Android 4.0 better known as 'Ice Cream Sandwich' the OS came with some really new cool features. Like the Google Nexus phone has a feature called 'Face Unlock. There are many forums online discussing the feature and one of the points that keep coming up is, whether it is safe and can it be used a real security. This post is not going to discuss that but how to set up the facial recognition feature available on your Galaxy Nexus. What's really fun is that you can now smile and open your phone. The software is fun to use and well, you can now open your phone with a smile. Set it up and show it off to your friends. quiet a nice fun and handy feature to have on your phone

How to set up Face Unlock on Ice Cream Sandwich
1. Tap on settings
2. Tap on security
3. Touch screen-lock
4. Touch Face Unlock
5. Tap on Set-It-Up
6. Hold your phone like a mirror in front of you
7. Position your face in-between the dots that appear in a circle. You can smile and you don't have to hold perfectly still. Works best indoors with moderate even-lighting.
8.  Click on continue

Use this to set up a backup option in case your phone cannot see your face clearly
9. You can now set-up a backup lock option. This is handy is your phone cannot see your face for some reason or the other.
10. Under choose backup lock you can choose between 'Pattern' or 'Pin'.
11. Click on pattern you run your fingers over the dots to create a pattern.
12. tap confirm
13. Draw patter again to confirm
14. Touch confirm
15. You're done

Need more help check the video out below

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