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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Gube plays YouTube videos that are safe for children on your iPhone and iPad

The benefits of such an app are numerous. Parents who like their kids to watch YouTube videos without the fear that something inappropriate would pop up, would find this app helpful. YouTube has the best videos online and there are fantastic videos for children. Videos that can provide quick diversions to stressful situations. Kids love watching videos and is something that many parents use to their advantage.

Gube is an iOS App that can be used on your iPhone and iPad. The makers of the App say that all videos that are played through the app have been pre-screened, moderated and curated by parents. Which brings with it the safety that parents offer. The app promises only videos that have been chosen by parents by hand.  If you find videos that you kids like you can also save them to a playlist which can be watched again. Will cost you $ 3.99

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