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Friday, January 15, 2010

Facebook launches a Global Disaaster Relief Page. Help Haiti

Facebook has launched a page called Global Disaster Relief . The first task seems to be to mobilize support for the victims of the recent earthquake in Haiti. This page will help in the Haiti disaster and any other disasters that may occur in the future. 1000's of Dollars have already been raised through Facebook causes. So with the launching of this page Facebook will have one point of contact where users can come to to be a part of their global relief efforts. 

Facebook is serious about promoting this page. The social site as in the spirit of it's creators believe that a one stop shop will be good. Where people can come to find info and also help. It could become a globally coordinated effort. As of this time of writing this there are already 43, 036 fans of the page. Posted below we have a video found on the page of former president Bill Clinton and how we can all help haiti.

"The Global Disaster Relief on Facebook page will spotlight efforts on Facebook to help respond to disasters around the globe."

There are three URl's to reach their page

And this was found as their mission.

The devastating earthquake in Haiti has underscored the Internet's critical role in connecting the world's population in times of tragedy. In response to this, Facebook has launched the Disaster Relief on Facebook Page where the more than 350 million people on Facebook can educate themselves and find out how to help not only in Haiti but wherever disaster and misfortune may strike.

Moments after the ground shook in Port-au-Prince, people around the world immediately sought to help with relief efforts and express their solidarity with those in need. Every minute, people have been posting more than 1,500 status updates on Facebook that contained the word "Haiti." People have contributed thousands of dollars through the Causes application on Facebook, and groups including the American Red Cross, Oxfam America and Partners in Health have mobilized supporters through their Facebook Pages and raised hundreds of thousands of dollars in the last 24 hours alone.

We want Disaster Relief on Facebook to serve as a collaborative resource for individuals, non-profits, governments and industry to raise awareness for those in need around the world. We're inviting relief organizations to be part of this effort so they can further highlight the needs in Haiti and during times of future crises. Most importantly, we hope all of you will join us by becoming a fan of Disaster Relief on Facebook and by continuing to support relief efforts along with your friends.

By staying connecting, we can all make a difference no matter where we are in the world.

* * * *
Users should be aware that in times of tragedy, individuals with criminal intent may solicit contributions purportedly for a charitable organization and/or a good cause. Be skeptical of any unsolicited appeals you receive or find on the Internet. For more info, visit:

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Follow the aftermath of the Haiti Earthquake on Twitter and YouTube

An earthquake measuring 7.0 has hit Haiti. Causing wide spread destruction. The earthquake demolished dozens of building and left countless people dead or injured.

The island nation of Haiti, the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere with one of the weakest infrastructures, now faces near-catastrophic damage from an earthquake.

The first pics of the destruction began to appear first on Twitter and Facebook.

Thirteen aftershocks above 4.5 have happened since the initial 7.0 quake hit.
We have attached videos of the aftermath

The New York Times News Blog gave these useful links to follow people on Twitter who are providing real-time updates on the earthquake.This Twitter list of users of the social network who are in Haiti or providing useful information on the aftermath of the earthquake there. TwitPic account which has images of victims of the quake

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