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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Retina Display MacBook pro comes with a resolution of 2880-by-1800 and 5.1 million pixels

Apple has unveiled the amazing and sexy MacBook Pro which comes with Retina Display. Apple is saying that you have never seen anything like it because there's never been anything like it. Apple has also said that it is the most advanced MacBook ever made. Runs on all-flash storage which means that works on the computer feels really fluid and Apps are able to open and close with seamless effort. There are no moving parts in Flash storage and therefore unlike a harddrive, it makes no noise. You therefore get a computer that is quiet and works effortlessly. The Macbook Pro also comes with Intel Core i7 and Next-Gen NVDIA graphics. Amazing Audio and Visual performance and connected to iCloud

Retina-Ready Software
The MacBook Pro comes with retina ready software which means that all the software has been updated to take advantage of Retina Display with its 2880-by-1800 resolution. Retina Dialysis comes with 5.1 million pixels and that should give you an idea about the visuals of this Mac. The screen promises resolution like no other notebook before it. This is because as Apple likes to say there was none before it. Everything seen on the screen is vibrant, vivid and share as vivid as the imagination. The 15.4 inch display when packed with over 5 million pixels, promises stunning display. Packed so tightly you cannot make out individual pixels. The advantage of Retina Display is that the screen while maintaining color and contrast does not increase glare.  IPS technology is what has been use to give a wide, 178-degree view of everything seen on the screen, the difference can be seen at practically any angle. 
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Friday, October 22, 2010

The new Apple MacBook Air

Apple has launched the new MacBook Air a cross between an iPad and a MacBook. 1.7 cm at it's thickest point, available in 11 and 13 inch models. Both models have Duo2core  intel processors and Nvidia Geforce screen cards. Apple has also reveled the next version of the Mac the Lion OSX which supports multi-touch but only with a mouse. Apple does not plan to manufacture touch screen computers. The Mac will also get it's own applications store inspired by the success of the iPad and iPhone's iTunes store. Thus paid and free applications will be available at a single click. lion OSX will be launched in the summer of 2011.

The new MacBook Air also has FaceTime software that was released on the iPhone 4. This application available in beta allows people to video chat via computer to computer or computer to iPhone. 

Battery backup is also phenomenal with the 11 inch model getting  5 hours of power and the 13 inch model getting 7 hours of power. The MacBook Air is also built around all-flash storage for better responsiveness and reliability. The trackpad comes with full multi-touch support.

Check out the below video which is a guided tour to the new MacBook.

Check out the new MacBook Air here. 

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