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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Mafia Wars London Challenge Mission kicks off

The London challenge mission has kicked off in Mafia Wars. The more mafia the better, make sure you have a large mafia as it works better to ensure you get passports. You need to earn your passports through fights, robbing and doing jobs. Invite as many people to join you on Mafia Wars and make sure your Mafia is strong. The passports will help you on your way as you work to steel the Crown Jewels. 

By adding more people to your Mafia you add additional ways to get passports. British Passports are needed to complete each of the three London chapters.

The London challenge mission consists of three chapters and one will unlock each week. Complete each chapter to score one of three limited edition items.

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mafia Wars Upcoming Memorial Day Weekend Sale

Mafia Wars has announced the upcoming Memorial Day weekend sale. Items will be heavily discounted and up to 50% off on all previously sold merchandise. There will also be a special mastery event being held by which you stand to win a WWII M4 Sherman. The sale starts at 12 am PST.

We see that the hawk eye and B52 will also be going on sale and a host of other items. 50% of all proceeds from the sale will be donated to Fisher House a non-profit that assists families of wounded veterans. 

[Image Courtesy Zynga Mafia Wars]

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mafia Wars teams up with PayPal to offer exclusive discounts

PayPal has teamed up with Zynga to offer Mafia Wars players a 15% discount on any reward point package, 21 reward points and higher purchased with PayPal. Comes to players as a limited time offer. PayPal seems to want to stamp it's presence as an online pay master in the fastest growing online payment market, Social Games.

So players looking to get a discount had better hurry as both Zynga and PayPal say that this is a limited time offer. We feel that we are going to see more of these offers across other games by Zynga like FarmVille and PetVille as PayPal seeks to establish themselves in the online gaming market.

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mafia Wars Gold Treasure Chests

Gold Treasure Chests are out again in Mafia Wars. The chests have been updated and if your lucky you will have a chest drop in your game. Use the Gold Treasure Chest key to unlock it for new rewards. So you need to be on the look out to get your Gold Treasure Chest Drop. The key can be purchased from the Market Place.

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Friday, May 7, 2010

Mafia Wars Twitter Contest!

Announced on the Mafia Wars forums. The 3 day Twitter Contest events. Close on the heals of the FarmVille Tweet for cash contest come the Mafia Wars Twitter contest. The winner of course wins 500 points. 

Details of the contest are given below

Zynga Mafia Wars is hosting a special 3-day Twitter contest!
We’re giving away 100 Reward Points to 10 daily winners, and one Grand Prize winner will win 500 points! It’s just a simple tweet a day!

To Enter:

1. Log into your Twitter account and make sure you’re following @mafiawars –

a. If you don’t have a Twitter account, it only takes minutes to register!

2. Tweet this contest message “Tweet for Reward Points Day 1! I want to win 500 RP from @mafiawars #mafiawars!"

a. On Day 2 - “Tweet for Reward Points Day 2! I want to win 500 RP from @mafiawars #mafiawars!"

b. On Day 3 - “Tweet for Reward Points Day 3! I want to win 500 RP from @mafiawars #mafiawars!"

3. You may submit up to 5 tweets a day.

4. Tweets for the daily prize will be accepted until 11:59 pm PST that day, and winners, who will be randomly selected, will be announced the following morning.

5. A Grand Prize winner will be chosen on Sunday at 11:59 pm PST. The more you tweet, the better your chances of winning 500 Reward Points!

6. Contest runs from May 7, 2010 – May 9, 2010.
Winners will be announced on Twitter and on the Mafia Wars fan page. Don’t forget to spread the word about our special 3-day contest!

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Mafia Wars Subterfuge Crates

Mafia Wars has launched brand new subterfuge crates in the Marketplace. Crates are filled with limited edition items and users will love. The pictures below show a Con Man, Fake ID and Poison filled ring. The art of subterfuge is to dodge and escape.

The Subterfuge Crates are available in the same setup as other crates in the game, and can be purchased either one at a time, or in groups of three. A single Subterfuge Crate costs 12 Reward Points, and the trio costs 35, for a savings of a single Reward Point when buying in bulk.

Either way, you have a 10% chance of receiving a Rare item from your crate, a 30% chance of finding something Uncommon and a 60% chance of finding a Common item. Some of the items you might find within are Con Men, Poison-Filled Rings, or even Fake IDs.

What did you receive inside your Subterfuge Crate? Let us know in the comments – we’d love to hear if you thought it was worth it!

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Monday, March 15, 2010

Mafia Wars to bring back robbing

Mafia Wars is all set to bring back robbing. Now property owners will have to keep a closer eye on their properties. Making sure their assets do not become vulnerable. Users can now get ready to pull some heists and bank all the new robbing collection items. Users will now have a different excitement level to the game with having to cower their backs and making sure their stuff is safe. It will also give you a chance to prove your ability to mastermind robberies and attack vulnerabilities. 

Item's you will need. Mask, Drill, Climbing Equipment and Diamond for cutting.

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