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Sunday, August 19, 2012

How to get photos from Mars Curiosity Rover in your Inbox

Mt. Sharp on Mars
Mt Sharp on Mars: Source

Photos and videos coming from Mars Curiosity Rover can be fund and quiet exciting. It gives you the chance to keep track of all the latest happening from Mars Curiosity Rover and as intriguing as it can be - it is a way to explore another planet. There are many ways to keep tracks of all the photos, images and videos from the red planet. You can follow the official Curiosity Rover Twitter Channel or the NASA channel on Twitter. This would mean however that you need to keep logging to Twitter and checking for their tweets. If you have a very vibrant Twitter account sifting through all your tweets can be time-consuming. CNet's Jason Cipriani however has a nice solution. 

You can follow If This The That shared recipes -  user lsalvador from ifttt has this recipe to share with people - Email me new photos from Mars Curiosity rover. You need to sgn-up for this recipe and you will be get Mars Curiosity Rover in your email whenever a new one is uploaded to the NASA or Curiosity Rover Twitter accounts. This is achieved by monitoring the Twiter accounts and sending you an email everyone something new is tweeted. You will need to grant Twitter access and enter the email ID you want to receive photos in. Click on create account and join ifttt - you can now start receiving the latest photos from Curiosity Rover. 

Source: Email me new photos from Mars Curiosity rover - join now and get updated photos.

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