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Friday, August 5, 2011

Groupie offers free group socializing

Groupie lets you make new friends and connect with private messaging. The App gives you the opportunity to make friends with like-minded people and stay in touch. Groupie is available for download on your iPhone and iPod touch or you can also join on the web and coming soon to Android and other platforms as well.. It is free to download and you can register with Facebook.

So what is Groupie and how does it work
1. Browse Groups - once you download the App you can start browsing through groups and find groups that interest you. Once you join a group you can start making friends. you can browse groups by category, keyword or location. Groupie will also suggest groups for you and goes a step further by suggesting local groups which will help close the distance. You can also create your own group and invite friends to join, people who find your group can also be allowed to join.
2. Social Sharing with Friends - The App comes with easy social integration and you can integrate Facebook and Twitter for easy sharing.
3. Unique URL's - Each group comes with its own unique URL which means each group can easily be found by search engines and is optimized for the same. So start a group and get famous.
4. Group Message - each group has its own message board, live map and directory. With group messaging you can share links and updates to everyone in the group instantly.
5. Private Message: you can send private text and SMS messages to other users.
6. Privacy -  The App takes good care of your privacy and you can set it to what suits you.

With groupie Group Texting allows you to stay in touch with friends and meet new ones. Create or join groups, stay inn touch with other members, make new friends or simply hangout. Check it out now.

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Thursday, August 4, 2011

GroupMe is group messaging for free

So what is GroupMe and how does it work 

GroupMe is an App allows you to start a conversation with all your friends at the same time. So you can send an SMS and everyone you have added in your group receives it at once. kind of like a big chat room where all your friends can hangout and chat. The App is now avialble in 90 countries and support for over 900 carriers. SMS based chat however is not available outside the US but in-app chat is. The App is available for Android, iPhone, BlackBerry and windows Phone 7. In addition you also have the web option that allows you to start and maintain all your conversations over the web. This is one App that brings a whole new meaning to group texting. The Group-Texting App is totally free to use. You can browse groups and join if you find them interesting. You can also message a GroupMe member that you want to connect with. 

GroupMe also introduces 3.0 and here is what's new

1. Questions: you can ask them to an entire group and just select individuals. You can also ask you questions to your Twitter or Facebook friends. This is an innovative way to start a conversation and keep-up with it.

2. Direct Messaging: because sometimes you want to have a one-on-one with someone. All you need to do is to tap on a GroupMe users Avatar and start a conversation. Currently available only on the iPhone and BlackBerry Apps.

3. Web Chat: available now right on your desktop, you can also use the same on your mobile browser. So if you do not have the App, you can still use GroupMe on the web.

Head over to their site to get started

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