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Friday, February 10, 2012 Send Private Info That Self-Destructs after being read once is a web app that allows you to send personal and sensitive data that self-destructs after the recipient have viewed it once. You might be wondering you need this service. Consider this - you email your spouse the ATM number of your debit card. After viewing the number you are not sure whether the email was deleted. Was it left open on his or her desk and others could have viewed it. You are never really sure, maybe you need to send some sensitive data to your colleagues and you would rather not have anyone else view apart from the recipient themselves. This web tool can get the job done. After the person views the data once it automatically self-destructs. In addition the data is sent across in encryption mode and no one can read it or find out what it is. How does it work
1. Visit on the web
2. Click on the link 'Create One Now'
3. Enter the info you want to send such as 'Passwords' or 'Account Information'
4. Click on create link
5. Copy and paste the URL with the link provided into your email or you can also send it as in 'IM". There is an iPhone and Android App available.
6. You're done

You can send the link either via email or send it as an Instant Message. So the next time you need to share info like passwords and account info, try this service to ensure once the message it viewed it will automatically self-destruct.

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