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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Vin Diesel trending on Twitter and he has the 2nd most popular page on Facebook

Your're not going to believe this, somehow slipped under the scanner. Vin Diesel has a Facebook pages and guess how many people are fans of his page. Over 14 million people, as this post is being written the number is 14,475,432. This is huge and definitely among the top 5 most popular Facebook pages. 

Now let's see how many pages are more popular that Vin Diesel's page. Well as far as know till now only one, Lady Gaga has more than 16 million fans, Vin Diesel is next followed by President Barak Obama and Twilight Saga. Vin Diesel is the second most popular Facebook page following Lady Gaga. 
Add to this there is the new Fast and Furious movie in the making. The new movie will be called "Fast Five" also dubbed fast & furious five. 

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