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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sharing photos in Google Buzz

Well you would like to know what happens when you share a photo in Google Buzz. Once you upload a photo in Google buzz and automatic unlisted album is created for you in Picasa and your photos are stored there. The privacy settings you choose will also be maintained on your unlisted album on Picasa. You can also view your photos on Picasaweb allows you to view all your photos and albums on the internet and also provides you with an option to adjust privacy and other settings online without downloading Picasa. You can also browse through photos uploaded by other users.

To add multiply photos while posting buzz you need to 
1. Click 'Insert Photo' from a new post
2. Select 'Upload Files'
3. Click 'Add photos to post'

Once a photo is clicked an embedded viewer designed to view photos quick and in full screen will open up for full and easy viewing.

To share photos from your Picasa account automatically You will first have to add 'Picasa' to your list of connected sites in Buzz and photos you upload to Picasa will be shared automatically viz Buzz maintaining your original privacy settings.

How to Add Picasa in Google Buzz.

1. Login to Gmail
2. Click on Buzz
3. Click on profile
4. Click on Connected Sites
5. Click the Add button next to Picasa
6. Click the edit button next to Picasa to choose photo sharing settings. Either 'Public' or 'Private'

You can also share your photos using which will automatically upload them to Picasa Web Albums and create a new Buzz post.

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