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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Google Search Plus Your World: How does it work

Google has released a new product that it has begun rolling out to all users. If you do not have it already you certainly will over the next few days. To explain this new concept briefly it would be: Google has now integrated Google+ much more deeply in its search results. So when you now perform your regular search on Google. You will be shown results from Google+ and people you are connected to. So when you search for say images of elephants. You will be surprised to see pictures of elephants either which you or your friends have shared on the web. Especially shared on Google+ and Picasa. This means a lot of the recommended search results from Google will have a personal touch to it. This personal touch is not theirs but yours. People you are connected to on Google+ will become a part of your search results. So when you search, results will incorporate pages, post, images and videos shared by people you already know. This is 'Search Plus Your world.

In addition when you search for friends of yours, you will get their personal profiles popping up and not the wrong people. which means if you search for your pal 'Ben Smith', only his profile will show up and not all the other Ben Smiths in this world. In addition you will also get recommendations of highly ranked authors on Google+. If you want to be a person whose writing is recommended on Google+. You will need to join the Google+ Authorship Pilot Program.

Important Q&A
1. Can I toggle or switch between normal Google Search and Google Your World
yes you can do so by click on the human figure and world icon found on the top right-hand side of your screen. Clicking on the figure will give your 'Google Search Plus Your world Results'. Clicking on the world icon will give you results without personal recommendations.

2. Why is Twitter so upset with Search plus your world.
Because Twitter and Facebook have been omitted. Twitter says that the latest news breaks first on Twitter and not on other social networks. It is therefore unfair that results from Twitter are not show first.

3. What is Google's response?
Allow us access and we will show results from Twitter and Facebook. There is no deal now between these companies and therefore Google seems to be making good with what the have access to.

4. Can search plus your world surface public content from across the web?
Matt Cutts answers this by saying 'surface public content from sites across from the web, such as Quora, FriendFeed, LiveJournal, Twitter, and WordPress'. 

5. How deep is Google+ integration with search plus your world.
It is very deep and this is incentive enough for people who are into SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Blog owners and website owners to make sure they get onto the Google+ bandwagon real quick.

 If you have already tried it and when you do get a chance to experience it please let us know what you think in the comments section below.
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Monday, September 12, 2011

Bleeko: Search Engine without spam

Bleeko is a web search engine self styled lower case Bleeko. The site seeks to provide better results that popular search engine Google. They have about 3 billion trusted sites that they search from. They do this with the promise that websites like content farms and known spam sites get obliterated. The company groups webistes with an innovation known as slashtags. 

What are slashtags?
Slashtags according to Bleeko are self-styled custom-search engines. Websites are grouped together as topics with the '/' before them. So if you search for health you only get websites from trusted sources in regards to health. After signup users get to create their own slashtags.

What is Bleeko and how deos it work?
Bleeko is a websearh engine that has been created to completely cut-out spam, malware and content farms sites. Therefore the results you get a from sites that a free of all kinds of spam and in a way are already certified and trusted by Bleeko. These sites are already sites that have a lot of trust and Bleeko seeks to exploit their content. 

Bleeko also has a Web search bill of rights:

Search shall be open
Search results shall involve people
Ranking data shall not be kept secret
Web data shall be readily available
There is no one-size-fits-all for search
Advanced search shall be accessible
Search engine tools shall be open to all
Search & community go hand-in-hand
Spam does not belong in search results
Privacy of searchers shall not be violated

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Google now shows expanded sitelinks for your Website or Blog

What is Google Sitelinks and how does it work:
Sitelinks are the small links that are displayed under the main site. so if you use Google and search for NYPost, you will find the main link to the news-site with additional small links for the site for easy navigation like - Spots, Entertainment etc. 

Sitelinks have now evolved and Google has now made things much more interesting. Especially if you are a webmaster or you own a site or a blog. when users now search for your site using Google instead of the usual link to your site that used to be shown, there is now a link to your site with a whole bunch of smaller links from your site. These smaller links are usually the most popular links on your site, the ones that are trending  With the links are small snippets of information about each link. Each page that gets shows actually is based on what users might be looking for on your site and what they are most likely to click. This way a lot more of your site or blog gets showcased and users can directly go to the information page they are looking for.

This new feature comes in handy especially if you have a large site or blog and there are hundreds and thousands of pages. Sitelinks actually help users to navigate to the section they are most interested in and helps them find information faster. 

There is also another bit of information for blog and site owners. the  algorithms Google users will not rank both the main page and the site links which will eventually determine which of your pages now appear as sitelinks. Also the maximum number of sitelinks shown per query has been increased from 8 to 12. 

For users: If you are searching for a query Google will show you the most accurate site with a list of sitelinks for easy navigation even before entering the site.

Please check images below.
Google sitelinks as they used to appear, something we are all familiar with

Google Sitelinks as they appear now:

What do you think, please use the comments section below.
Source: Google Blog

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

How to find Images from a specific region or country on Google

Google Images have come out with another update to help people looking for images, photos and pictures from a specific country or region. To do this you will need to go to and then click on Advanced search. You are taken to this page, scroll all the way down and look for the option 'Region' from the drop-down menu you can then select your country or region and click on search images to continue searching for images that come from a specific country or region. You can keep changing your region this way to continue exploring.

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