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Monday, May 21, 2012 Microsoft's Social Network (SOCL): How does it work [Guide] (SOCL) is a social network launched by Microsoft. They claim it is not a ripoff of any of the other social networking sites out there like Google+, Pinterest or Twitter. However once you login the feed has a strong resemblance to Google+ with a few features from Twitter and Pinterest thrown in. So we decide to do a tutorial on how works and please let us know what you think in the comments section below.

How to get started:
You can use your Facebook ID or your Windows Live ID to join the site. Once you login with any of these IDs you are in the site without any further hassle. Apart from checking the box to agree to their terms and conditions. You also have to be above 18 to join.

I do not want posting to my Facebook Timeline and profile
When you signup with your Facebook ID the App will ask for permission to post on your Facebook profile choose never. Also when asked who can view your activity choose 'Only Me'. This will ensure that will not post to your Facebook and all you activity is visible only to you. 

What happens when I login:
You see a search bar right on top which asks you, What are you interested in?. You can then enter your areas of interest and get a whole lot of available information in your feed. The search bar has three icons. 1. Search icon, 2. Comment bubble - to post a status update 3. Globe icon - to either let people see what you're searching for or click it and you get a lock icon which will not make your searches public. Your search terms are made public for the purpose of social engagement. You can turn this on or off by clicking on the Globe icon. 

What happens when I enter a search term:
I entered 'Jim Morrison' into the search bar and the first result was from a Wikipedia article on Jim and then photos and other info. Once someone creates a search for Jim that is also shared. So if you search for a term that other people have also entered. You get to see their names and what they have searched for. This is like a social search engine.

Video Parties: How does this work
Video parties are much like Google+ hangouts. Give you party a name invite friends and then just hangout. You parties are made public across the network but you can clear your history at any time. If you are familiar with Google+ hangouts then this works quiet the same. Enter a name for your party invite people and all of you can then comment and interact around the same video. The only difference is that you cannot start a video chat with your friends. Once you enter a search term a YouTube video shows up and you are your people can have a party around this video. Comment on this video and get the party going. You are also fee to join people's video parties and share in the social interection with people across the site.

How do I clear my history on
To do this you would need to click the cog icon found at the top right-hand corner and then click on Privacy and then clear my history and you're done.

How is it different from other sites like Google+ and Facebook.
Well everyone can interact with everyone. There are no restrictions, kind of like Twitter with when you click on Feed you can see other people's feeds also. Like once big social party. This is something not avialble with other closed networks like Google+ and Facebook

So let us know what you think about the new SOCL social networking site from Microsoft in the comments section below. - check it out now

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