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Monday, May 31, 2010

Social City Move Buildings and Items from one District to Another

Did you know that on Social City you can move building and items from one district to another. So if there is a building or an item you would like to move from a certain district, simply place that building or item into storage. Then go to the district you want to move this building or item to. In the build menu go to building inventory and grab this building or item and place it in the new district destination.

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How to delete Social City from Facebook

How to delete or remove Social City from Facebook.

There are two things people are worried about. If you simply want to delete notifications coming to your wall from these games you would need to hover over the upper right hand side of the notification when it arrives and the option "Hide" appears. Simply click hide and the notifications will then be stopped.

This was you can continue your game and not get the notifications.

If you want to delete the game from your application settings you would need to do the following

1. Account
2. Privacy Preferences
3. Click on 'edit your settings' under "Apps and Websites"
4. Beside Apps you use please click on 'edit Settings'
5. Click on 'edit' beside Apps you use
5. Click on Social City or the (X) mark beside the App
6. Click on Remove
7. Confirm Remove
8. You're done

By removing the game completely you will now no more be able to play it. So you need to decide if you want to remove the game application completely or simply hide notifications. 

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