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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Social City How Districts Work

How do districts work?

From now on, when you load the game you will see your entire City, which includes all 9 districts. When on this screen, your City Name and Total Population (population of all districts added together) will be shown at the top right corner. Hovering over each district will show that individual district's population. At this time, there is no way to share population or happiness across all districts.

Right now, only two districts are available to be opened, the original and the new Southeast district. All other districts will appear as locked, and the requirements will not be made available until we update the game to unlock them. 

If you would like to link roads from one district to another, unfortunately that is not supported yet. You are also only able to look at one district at a time at the closest level, meaning you can only zoom in to one district to edit and collect at one time. When you are at this level you will not be able to see any other districts.

While you cannot share population and happiness across all districts, there are some things that can be shared. All of your items and buildings, for example, can be moved between districts. This includes factories, residences, leisure items and more. Your total population (population of all districts added together) will be the counted for unlocking more factories.

If you want to move between districts, you can click on the green map icon at the top right side of the page. When you get to the large map view, click on the district you wish to visit.

[Via PlayDom Helpdesk]

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Social City half-off weekend sale

Social City is having a half-off weekend sale, this week only. All regular store items, except featured items, are half-off! Now is a great time to buy those buildings you have been saving up for. Last only for two days so login now and get all those items you've been meaning to buy. Everything is half-off except the featured items. Great News for those who avail the benefits of this sale, which will be gone after the weekend. 

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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Social City Building Design Contest Announcement

Social City has announced a new contest and it is a first of it's kind for them. 

Social City Says  Want a chance to win 100 City Bucks & have your item idea added to the game? Check out the first ever Social City Building Design Contest. So if winning a 100 city bucks is appealing to you in addition to getting your item idea added to the game be sure to check out the contest guidelines which we have attached below.

Social City Building Design Contest!

It’s simple: Come up with a new building idea for the Social City store and submit it 
here. We will select our favorites, and then you will vote on which make it into the game! The top vote-getter will be released in Social City for everyone to buy with coins in the Build Menu!

Of course, you can submit any item idea, not just buildings – don’t forget about terrain, roads, and decorations (like the Happy Panda).

You must submit your design by Monday, July 12, 11:59 pm PST.

Not sure how the contest works? Looking for the Official Rules? Click 
here for more info.
Visit this thread to see other players’ submissions.

Happy designing!

[Source: Social City official Forums]

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Monday, June 28, 2010

Social City: How to unlock District 4

Social City has been bust helping users expand this cities and district 4 is the south-most district. This new district provides more room for planners to work with. District 4 till now was available for 40 city bucks. The Game Makers however have now given you a free way to unlock district 40. Login to Social City for 14 straight days and you can unlock this district for free. Those players who are short of city bucks can now get district 4 for free.

Login now and play the game and do the same for 14 straight days. Remember you cannot miss  a day in between. 

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Social City Official Video Podcast June 9, 2010

The game now has Taller buildings, two new sky scrapers, office buildings, federal building, There are also new festival gifts. There are also new gift sets like the new golf course, comes in the form of mini golf and there are 16 of those. Put them together and design the course however you want. One comes with a windmill. There will be more expansions and bigger space to build on.

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Social City Crate Raffles and Horse Racing Track

Social City has released new Crate Raffles found on the first page of the build menu. Each spin allows you to win one of 8 unique items. Each of these spins are going to cost you 2 city bucks though. Winning all of these 8 unique items means you get a special prize The Horse Racing Track. So go and spin the wheel now and get the Horse Racing Track which city can be complete without a horse racing track. It will add a flair to your city. Remember to find these crate raffles on your main build page.

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Monday, May 31, 2010

Social City Move Buildings and Items from one District to Another

Did you know that on Social City you can move building and items from one district to another. So if there is a building or an item you would like to move from a certain district, simply place that building or item into storage. Then go to the district you want to move this building or item to. In the build menu go to building inventory and grab this building or item and place it in the new district destination.

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How to delete Social City from Facebook

How to delete or remove Social City from Facebook.

There are two things people are worried about. If you simply want to delete notifications coming to your wall from these games you would need to hover over the upper right hand side of the notification when it arrives and the option "Hide" appears. Simply click hide and the notifications will then be stopped.

This was you can continue your game and not get the notifications.

If you want to delete the game from your application settings you would need to do the following

1. Account
2. Privacy Preferences
3. Click on 'edit your settings' under "Apps and Websites"
4. Beside Apps you use please click on 'edit Settings'
5. Click on 'edit' beside Apps you use
5. Click on Social City or the (X) mark beside the App
6. Click on Remove
7. Confirm Remove
8. You're done

By removing the game completely you will now no more be able to play it. So you need to decide if you want to remove the game application completely or simply hide notifications. 

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