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Monday, September 26, 2011

Stipple Lets you earn money by monetizing your photos

Unlike all the businesses on the web especially Getty images, Stipple turns everything around 360 degrees. Stipple will actually pay publishers to use their photos. They have a large collection of of online photos that publishers can use to make money by monetizing the same on their websites and blogs. 

How does Stipple work for publishers

You will first need to apply for an account and once your site or blog is accepted into their program you can then begin to monetize images on your site. Once you place a Stipple dot on your site or blog they become interactive and people can then hover over the images and click the links. Works very well for the fashion and Tech industries. So once a users clicks on the images publishers stand to make money. 

Here is what Stipple says about how it works.

After activating Stipple, publishers are able to quickly label objects in their photos using inline editing controls on the pages where their photos are normally publicly visible. The publisher can place small dots anywhere inside the picture and add some basic information to them. The next time a reader mouses over a picture, dots will appear semi-transparently, letting them discover that additional information. If the reader is interested in something, mousing over the corresponding dot will reveal the added details in a minimal overlay that immediately disappears once their mouse leaves the dot.

How it works for Advertisers

Advertisers can now tell a story and create a brand around images. When a users hovers over their images that has been placed on a blog or website they are show links and other valuable information about the image and other details can also be added. Advertisers selling products and services can use this service to drive targeted traffic to their websites and product pages. So Advertisers can show exactly what piece of clothing the person in the photo is wearing , where to buy it, and save or like it. 

Visit Stipple now to find out more. 

Welcome to Stipple from stipple on Vimeo.

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