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Sunday, March 7, 2010

FarmVille releases additional new ways to find fuel for your vehicles

FarmVille announces new ways to find fuel for your vehicles. In addition to purchasing fuel or discovering it in mystery gifts or eggs you can now find fuel while plowing your farm or fertilizing your neighbors farm. While plowing your own farm you can now find fuel once per day. Fuel found on your farm can be shared with your neighbors by posting a feed to your wall. About 150 of your neighbors can get fuel by clicking on the link. When clicking on the link they will be taken to a page which will show them how much fuel they have earned. The Amount. The amount of fuel they receive will depend on how many plots they have on their farm. The more number of plots the larger the amount of fuel they receive. This amount is added directly to their overall take.

While fertilizing your neighbors farm you stand a chance of finding fuel that you can use on your own farm. Once you find this fuel it will appear as a fuel cannister rising up from the ground. Fuel found while fertilizing is added directly to your fuel tank. The amount of fuel you receive is also determined by how many plots you have on your farm. The more plots you have the larger the amount of fuel you will receive. You also find fuel once for each neighbors farm that you fertilize. However as you keep fertilizing your neighbors farms you will notice that you stop finding fuel. In order to find more fuel you will need to use some of the fuel that you have already added to your tank.

Previously in FarmVille your fuel tank used to fill and regenerate over time. However that has now changed. To top up your fuel tank would depend on how many plots you actually have. So for your fuel to regenerate quickly you will need to have a large number of plots. Fuel regeneration speed is now determined by the number of plots that you have.

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