Sunday, March 28, 2010

Google TV Ads as simple as 123

For advertisers in the US running a TV Ad is as simple as getting connected to the internet and placing your Ad for as little as $20 per TV spot.

All you would need to do is to use an internet connected computer, upload a video file to your Adwords account and as usual set a daily spending budget (The amount you are willing to spend per day) pick the time of day you would like your Ad to run. Select specific keywords and the TV show you would like your Ad to appear on.

Google TV Ads currently runs only in the US and you can only target US based cable networks. This is a boon for small businesses with a limited budget and key target audiences. 

Create an affordable TV commercial and run it for as little as $20 per TV spot.

Use our targeting tools to find the networks and programs for the audience you want to reach.

View TV impressions and resulting web site traffic data to see how TV drives real results for your business.

Seth Stevenson of slate magazine says he ran a TV ad using the Google TV on the national Fox News channel for as little as a 100 bucks. 

Whatever be your business webpage designer, running a discount ebay store you can use Google TV ads which will not really pinch your pocket.

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