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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Video: Google+ Commercial - Sharing but like real life

Google+ choose thanksgiving to launch their TV Ad and get more people to notice the service. The commercial if you have not seen it as yet is available at the bottom of this post. The ad sends out a clear message that Google+ is for people who like to and belong to a company and with it's circles you can share like in real life. The point of the whole thing is to show how Google+ is different from Facebook in the way you can share with your real-world connections. 

The Ad sounds and looks a little brainy and lacks excitement in its structure. So if you watch it you need to look at this kind-of-long Ad that speaks about Google+ and hangouts. Something which more and more people are becoming familiar with. Anyways you will need to watch the Ad for yourself to get a feel of it. Please leave your comments in the comment section below.

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Friday, November 18, 2011

Facebook Ticker to carry sponsored stories starting monday

First reported by Clickz, Facebook have announced that via an email that they will continue rolling out sponsored stories in users ticker starting Monday. Sponsored stories bring with them higher user engorgement and actually work better that traditional ads. With the launch of the ticker in Facebook, ads have taken a back seat and are loosing in relevance. Stories however bring more relevance and more user engagement. As people like to consume news and if Facebook users like a piece of news it gets shared all over the site and advertisers stand to benefit.

ClickZ also reports 'The Palo Alto, CA-based digital giant launched Sponsored Stories during January, and the ad units have become an important focus of Facebook's pitch to agencies'. This means that users might see ads in their news feeds. 

Please use the comments section below to let us know what you think. 

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Friday, October 14, 2011

Publishers can make money from their Captchas

Every internet user knows what a Captcha is - whenever you want to signup for the first time at any website, you would need to type the letters or words that you see in a little box into another little box. Everyone has been there and done that. Turns out that it can be a nice source of revenue and advertising. This is one little words or group of two words that everyone has to stop everything they are doing and read. You need to get those two little words right before you are allowed to signup into websites and social networks. So from an advertisers point of view this should be great advertising and for site and blog owners who have a signup button this has got to be a great source of revenue. 

Solve Media has already taken this concept to the next level and is fully functional with the success of their Toyota Prius Ad Campaign. Check the image to view the Captchar for the Ad. So when visitors needed to signup or signin they had to enter prius goes plural into the box and then gain access. This seems to be a fantastic way to advertise and hold users attention. You know how internet users conveniently ignore ads. This might make up for it. In addition site owners get to make some extra cash and advertisers get something that is sure to catch the eye. 

Solve Media from Solve Media on Vimeo.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Infographic: List Of Highest Paying keywords Online

This has always been the question on many online publishers minds. Google makes 97% of its revenue from online Ads and there are keywords that pay up to $55 per click. Also know as CPC rates ( Cost per click) some categories are really high with advertisers willing to pay hugh amounts to make sure they appear in results and searches and their Ads get clicked. The program that runs these ads on Google is know as Adwords. 

You may be wondering why are advertisers willing to pay so much to get their ads seen. For one the competition is that fierce and on the other hand the rewards are also great. All-in-all this is great business. The study that turned up these findings was conducted by an online advertising company that wanted to dig deeper into the question of where is Google making it's money. The top 5 keywords happen to be Insurance, Loans, Mortgage, Attorney and Lawyer. You can read more about this study and findings by clicking here

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Friday, July 22, 2011

Study: Search Ads Drive 89% Incremental Traffic

Google has just released some interesting data in relation to search ads vs organic clicks. The basis of the study was to determine if in the absence of search ads would organic clicks make up for the loss, basically every site and blog owner is worried about traffic and there are two ways to generate traffic one is by organic results when your website or blog is found via the search engine route or paid traffic (Advertising). with paid traffic what happens is that ads can be placed through any of the leading search engines or now social media sites and users find these ads click it and land on your site. CTR is what it's called (Click through rate). Advertisers therefore wonder if  search ads cannibalize their organic traffic. What this actually means is if an advertiser decides not to pay for search ads and depend only on organic results. Anyway their websites might already by popular on search engine giants like Google. Would paying for ads and therefore traffic actually be a hindrance  Would not placing ads actually make up for the loss.

The engineers at Google decided to do a study called 'Search Ads Pause Studies' to determine what happens when advertisers decide to stop using search ads. The study was done along these lines.
1. Observe organic click volumes in the absence of search ads
2. Statistical model built to predict click volume for given levels of ad spend against organic impression volume.

3. Determine the volume of paid clicks not made up for by organic clicks.

The results found was very surprising, a full 89% of paid clicks were not made up for my organic clicks. This is a clear indication that paying for traffic is something some advertisers, webmasters and site owners will not be able to live without if that is what they depend on to drive traffic to their sites. In fact from the study it can be seen that it is a healthy and quick way and money well spent. As it is surely yields results and is not a waste in any way because it very definitely drives traffic through clicks and interest. You can read the Google blog post about the same here or find the complete study here. So webmasters and site and blog users using PPC ads and other search ads can be confident that it is money and investment well spent. Please share your thoughts using the comments section below. 

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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Google TV Ads as simple as 123

For advertisers in the US running a TV Ad is as simple as getting connected to the internet and placing your Ad for as little as $20 per TV spot.

All you would need to do is to use an internet connected computer, upload a video file to your Adwords account and as usual set a daily spending budget (The amount you are willing to spend per day) pick the time of day you would like your Ad to run. Select specific keywords and the TV show you would like your Ad to appear on.

Google TV Ads currently runs only in the US and you can only target US based cable networks. This is a boon for small businesses with a limited budget and key target audiences. 

Create an affordable TV commercial and run it for as little as $20 per TV spot.

Use our targeting tools to find the networks and programs for the audience you want to reach.

View TV impressions and resulting web site traffic data to see how TV drives real results for your business.

Seth Stevenson of slate magazine says he ran a TV ad using the Google TV on the national Fox News channel for as little as a 100 bucks. 

Whatever be your business webpage designer, running a discount ebay store you can use Google TV ads which will not really pinch your pocket.

Signup now to use Google TV Ads

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