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Friday, October 14, 2011

Publishers can make money from their Captchas

Every internet user knows what a Captcha is - whenever you want to signup for the first time at any website, you would need to type the letters or words that you see in a little box into another little box. Everyone has been there and done that. Turns out that it can be a nice source of revenue and advertising. This is one little words or group of two words that everyone has to stop everything they are doing and read. You need to get those two little words right before you are allowed to signup into websites and social networks. So from an advertisers point of view this should be great advertising and for site and blog owners who have a signup button this has got to be a great source of revenue. 

Solve Media has already taken this concept to the next level and is fully functional with the success of their Toyota Prius Ad Campaign. Check the image to view the Captchar for the Ad. So when visitors needed to signup or signin they had to enter prius goes plural into the box and then gain access. This seems to be a fantastic way to advertise and hold users attention. You know how internet users conveniently ignore ads. This might make up for it. In addition site owners get to make some extra cash and advertisers get something that is sure to catch the eye. 

Solve Media from Solve Media on Vimeo.

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